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Banbha Ceridian X

New for 2024

New Ceridian X latex with sample piece with all gloves.

  • Featuring  a new backhand of 6mm thick Aerobreath material with 8mm holes . Only available on this model.
  • Another new cut to the Seismic range. Rapit Negative Roll T-Cut
  • A full negative thumb
  • Internal silicone grip zones
  • Special tooling was made to create the embossed palm in just the right way to make the latex fold better when making a fist.
  • The wrist area on this model is different to others. Instead of full Aerobreath a new section is added on the inside.



New 4mm Ceridian X latex with embossed palm


A new Rapit Cut.

Featuring rolled pinky and index fingers

Middle fingers negative with the ring finger tip extended over the backhand.

Internal silicone grip zones are a nice addition to a high end finished glove, which is really what Seismic is known for.


4mm latex backhand

Long body Aerobreath 6mm material with 8mm punched hole internal foam


Latex Hyrbid stretch strap.  New wrist area. The thicker Aerobreath mixed with elasticated palm side.

Straps runs under an extended palm section.

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