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Seismics Magma heated glove is the only heated goalkeeping glove ever.

Initially planned to help keepers who train in extreme cold, it became obvious in testing that not only does is suit as a match glove, but could be used much more widely than planned.

With glove latex needing to be wet for best grip, it only takes a cold breeze on a Winter day to pain you hands.

Years of work have gone into making a heated glove that was not adding excessive weight, getting a temperature setting just right, to keep the hands comfortable and not overly hot.

Seismic have developed a system that will work with you to keep your focus on the game and not on trying to keep your hands from going numb.

Materials play a big roll also. Two layers of a water resistant breathable membrane prevent cold winds from getting into the glove. The also act as insulation by keeping heat inside the glove.

To wash gloves like any other glove, just remove the batteries. Place the cap over the port to seal. Then hand wash in water as normal.

4mm Aqua latex providing unrivaled grip in any conditions. This latex can and is used by keepers even on sunny days once kept damp.
Another new cut from Seismic.
Rolled T-Cut. This cut provides all the hand to ball contact of a roll finger. The roll finger tapers off on the middle fingers meaning that there is no stitching at the bottom of the fingers and adds a level of flexibility and less of a bulky feel than a full roll finger.
Latex Gussets also give a more secure feel, as well as keeping out wind and moisture.
This is true to size.
4mm soft latex. Multicolour vibrant printed design. Embossed fingers.
Two layer wind block breathable membrane.
Backhand contains the dual on/off switch , temperature control.
Max red setting will be the most often used setting to start. Once warmed keepers will revert to colder setting to maintain hand temp or turn off.
Back of  the wrist contains the pocket for battery and battery cap for washing. Zip closure.
Wrist Strap 
Neoprene belt lock strap with palm side closure for comfort.
Pre Use
Charge batteries.
Seal power cord with plastic cap and wash in sink of warm water as normal prewash applies.
See instructions for advice on usage.


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