Salamander V3 Size 7,8,9,10


Salamander V3

New for 2024

The Salamander series continues with the striking new model.

The big difference for this version is the new thicker backhand material. It makes this strapless model suit all hands better. Even small and younger keepers hands will feel secure with this material.

  • Featuring  a new backhand  material with 3D printed Salamander
  •  A very modern comfortable and slim fit with an embossed pal, to take the shape of the hand better
  • A full negative thumb completes this great cut
  • Internal silicone grip zones
  • Fluro orange Contact latex palm



4mm embossed Orange Contact latex


A new Negative T-Cut Roll finger

Most likely the most popular cut of 2024

Slim but very comfortable cut.

The fingers going from negative rolled tips into straight cut make for lovely flexibility without loss of shock absorption.

Internal silicone grip zones are a nice addition to a high end finished glove, which is really what Seismic is known for.


4mm latex backhand, with a body from new lycra polyester

Silicone 3d printed Salamander

Long body Backhand with elasticated strapless wrist

Size 7 – 10.



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Size 7, Size 8, Size 9, Size 10

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