Salamander 2.0 Size 7,8,9,10

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  • 4mm Quartz latex with extended embossed palm
  • Superb professional latex.
  • Ideal for Soccer and Gaelic.
  • This lovely soft latex will require a good quality prewash to remove chemicals and will grip game on game with excellent long lasting grip
  • Strapless models as all models should be removed by pinning the glove and sliding the hand out. Never pull off by the fingers
Sizing Advice
Strapless gloves will not suit everyone. Very slim hands, young keepers,female keepers may find to much space in the backhand.
A hand that fills out a glove in width and wrist not to thin suits. If unsure stick with a glove with straps.
  • This super  fitting glove is light and flexible.
  • T-Cut roll finger
  • Extended palm which is not inhibited by a strap.
  • The Polyester flexible backhand means hands are not tired out like they would with a slim fit of on all latex glove.
  • Incredible feel for the ball.
  • Latex embossed fingers with sublimated polyester body. Raised silicone hexagon design across the backhand.
Strapless model that has been perfected to fit. Elasticated entry to keep glove tight.
  • Latex pull tab

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Size 7, Size 8, Size 9, Size 10

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