Rebounder Training Disc

Original price was: €140.00.Current price is: €120.00.

Seismic Rebounder Disc is a fantastic piece of equipment for coaches.

Divert crosses where you want to, with accuracy and power.

The discs are CNC machined from 10mm polycarbonate which is classed as unbreakable.

Handles are large and easy grip to be used with or without your gloves on.

The handles are also brightly coloured  to be easily seen if you have left it on a pitch.

All fittings are counter sunk stainless steel to leave a smooth surface

Seismic branding carved into the back of the disc to be seen smooth on the front.

Extra easily bolt on deflectors to randomise the direction of the ball and also increase power when hitting the sweet spot.

Branded easy store carry bag.

Choose your colour. Your single rebounder comes with carry bag and multitool to add or remove deflectors


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