Another first in design from Seismic. The exciting new Malevolent model has a unique feature.

With a see through rubber punch zone revealing the spines is nice in itself, but for those not wanting spines, when removed they reveal the evil within

  • 4mm Flourescent yellow German Giga latex.
  • This latex will require a good quality prewash to remove chemicals and will grip game on game with excellent durability.
  • Palm extended into embossed strap holder and pull tab
  • The most popular Roll Finger cut to give the most latex to ball contact.
  • Very comfortable and flexible fit.
  • Wrapped thumb
  • Neoprene with sublimated vibrant design.
  • Clear rubber punch zone revealing spines and another image behind those
  • Embossed latex finger tips
  • Hybrid half stretch have sublimated neoprene with window for personalisation


Finger Protection

  • Removable finger protection through the backhand zipper.
  • Some keepers when using them will prefer to go up a size so the spines are not tight on the finger

Roll Finger tip – To extend the life of gloves especially Roll Finger, always remove them by pining them to your chest or under arm and sliding your hand out.

Pulling them off by the fingers will cause unnecessary stress to the stitching and could result in tears or holes at seams