Another first in design from Seismic. The exciting new Malevolent model has a unique feature.

With a see through rubber punch zone revealing the spines is nice in itself, but for those not wanting spines, when removed they reveal the evil within

  • 4mm Flourescent yellow German Giga latex.
  • This latex will require a good quality prewash to remove chemicals and will grip game on game with excellent durability.
  • Palm extended into embossed strap holder and pull tab
  • The most popular Roll Finger cut to give the most latex to ball contact.
  • Very comfortable and flexible fit.
  • Wrapped thumb
  • Neoprene with sublimated vibrant design.
  • Clear rubber punch zone revealing spines and another image behind those
  • Embossed latex finger tips
  • Hybrid half stretch have sublimated neoprene with window for personalisation


Finger Protection

  • Removable finger protection through the backhand zipper.
  • Stick to size with spines in or out as the neoprene makes these fit to size with either option.